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Education is the movement from darkness to light.

Curriculum and Assessment

Attention to the individual student and to his or her educational development is paramount through all years of the curriculum: individual needs are always taken into account and success is achieved through outstanding learning and teaching, systematic tracking of progress and the setting of appropriate targets.The School Curriculum advocates CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) with an emphasis on Scholastic and Non-Scholastic development of learners. The Curriculum commits itself to providing a stress-free learning environment that will develop competent, confident and enterprising citizens who will promote harmony and peace.Our curriculum is developed to meet the requirements of current CBSE within the framework of the personalized learning agenda. Students are grouped in a variety of ways according to the needs of the subject.The curriculum in this level is designed to encourage higher order thinking, research, reasoning and analytical and logical applications. Students are also prepared for the External Exams like NTSE, NSO, IMO, IEO, ACER and PISA.Parents receive regular reports in the form of website updates and online report cards and have the opportunity to meet with their wards’ teachers.

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