An Initiative of the RC Diocese of Kottar

Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with open one.

Vision Statement

Our vision is an education that brings knowledge and values in our children through a curriculum that nourishes their talents and enables them to be lifelong learners & global citizens, possessing intellectual, aesthetic and humanitarian excellence.It strives to produce committed and enlightened service-oriented agents to educate the downtrodden, the poor and the marginalized, who in turn will arise and shine, spreading the rays of God’s wisdom and knowledge in every nook and corner of this world at large.

Mission Statement

School has a mission to achieve the highest academic standards by providing an environment that is optimal for learning and that is distinctively balanced to aid the shaping of a child’s complete development. We will achieve this goal through a carefully designed curriculum based on our valuable experience in the field of education.

Core Values & Beliefs
  • Building Leadership :
  • At the Bishop’s School we believe in building leadership skills by developing each child’s personality and discovering his or her potential. Leadership programmes at the school help make children confident and ready for tomorrow.

    Lifelong Learning in a Holistic Way :

    Children are taught to adapt creatively to meet the demands of the future . We encourage them to be flexible in their thinking and use technology to explore and inquire , so that they become keen learners for life.

  • Innovation :
  • With time needs change. as do attitudes, concerns and perspectives. Things relevant today may not be so in the future. It is critical for us to constantly innovate and keep educational deliveries in touch with current realities.

  • Every Stakeholder Counts :
  • We understand the changing needs of students and respond by creating appropriate educational programmes. Special care is taken to ensure the satisfaction, development and well-being of teachers. Parents are partners in everything we do. Respect, empathy and transparency guide all our decisions.

  • One with Nature :
  • We are the school, its students and the staff, as a larger community and as every community should we have a responsibility to the world around us. The Bishop’s School is built with environmentally sustainable materials, and prides itself on its green infrastructure. We respect the environment in everything. We do and employ eco-friendly practices. Children learn green, energy saving practices, and create awareness all over the school.

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