An Initiative of the RC Diocese of Kottar

Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.

Pioneer College
Skill Development Area
  • LinguisticDevelopment :
  • To develop the students’ communication skills and increase their command of language. This is developed through English (Language and Literature) and at least two additional languages l Area Developed.

  • Mathematical Development :
  • To teach students how to calculate and appreciate relationships in number and space as well as to think logically and express themselves clearly. This is developed through Mathematics.

  • Human and SocialDevelopment :
  • To teach students about people and their interaction with the environment and how human action has influenced events and conditions. This is developed through Social Studies.

  • Physical Development :
  • To teach the basic principles of fitness and health and to develop students’ physical control and coordination. This is developed through Games and Physical Education.

  • CreativeDevelopment :
  • To develop the students’ aesthetic and creative skills. This is developed through Art, Drama and Music.

  • Spiritual and Cultural Development :
  • To develop the students’ self-knowledge, self-esteem and self -confidence so that they can distinguish right from wrong and respect the law as well as accept responsibility for their behavior, show initiative and understand how they can contribute to community life. This is developed through Catechism and Moral Science.

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